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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah moved closer, putting himself closer to the hall with the other two girls. He could now see the other girl was Blair Moore. He was prepared to greet her, but Blair decided to greet him and Sweater Girl with projectile vomiting. Noah quickly leaped back into the dorm room, letting out a long cry of disgust.

"Okay, not what I had in mind, but thank you anyways," he said in response to Blair blowing chunks.

Noah stepped back closer to the girls, trying not to step in vomit. It was going to smell really bad, really quickly, and if these two had things to say, he'd hope it'd be before he added to the mixture on the floor.

"Um..." Noah was about to say when another figure appeared in the hall.

Sandra Dyer. Noah smiled a bit at the sight of her. She liked stand-up as much as he did, so it helped to see someone he was on somewhat decent terms with.

Sandra asked what Noah was holding. Noah looked at the slinger, then held it up.

"Oh, hey Sandra Dee," he began. "Apparently, these terrorists invented a new way to play frisbee golf and wanted me to promote it. But enough about me and my burgeoning spokesman career, can we get away from the crap on the floor? I'd rather talk without seeing what Blair had for breakfast."
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