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"Uh, yeah," Tara said. "Yeah. I saw Cris' sister. Lizzie. And that pretentious douche Alex Tarquin." She paused, then added thoughtfully, "Well. I guess saying 'pretentious douchebag' kinda makes me a pretentious douchebag."

He was moving closer to her. She weighed her options, wondered if she should bolt, decided against it. She didn't know Cris very well, but he'd always seemed gentle. Something about the way he played the piano, the way he moved through the halls. She wasn't worried yet.


"No one killing," she said. "No one dying. That I've seen." She looked past him, down the aisles. "It won't last."

She moved towards him, still searching the stacks and shelves, looking for that hammer.
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