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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia cursed herself as she realized she was now stuck in a dark room with an unidentifiable stranger in a creepy chamber in an abandoned island where everyone she knew is currently fighting to the death. It was definitely not supposed to turn out like this, and might have been better if she just kept going down the hall. But now she was stuck with this guy, and she needed to be prepared for whatever came next.

The guy tried to calm her down, claiming he was just hiding.

"Yeah, great. Now shush!" she whispered at him.

There was still the possibility that someone was outside the room making all the commotion. Nadia looked around. She noticed a mirror on the wall in the same place where the mirror in her room was. Since she could see the mirror, she realized it was two-way, and this guy probably saw her in the other room. That was unsettling, but even more unsettling was the idea that they were still in danger. She needed to be ready, and if this guy was peaceful, she needed to learn some things from him quickly.

"Look, are you armed?" she quietly asked the guy.
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