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((Sandra Dyer continued from Exhausted.))

This was a weird position to be in, to be honest, staring down three people as soon as she entered the door.

Sandra had pulled out her map as she left the depot, which begged the question of why she even bothered to pack it in in the first place. She looked at the map, noting that there were three main "blocks" on the island. She walked outside, and by comparing her surroundings with the map, she concluded that she was on the northwestern part of the island.

If she was going to find her friends, her best bet would be to head to each of those other "blocks". After a mental coin toss, she decided to head south first, which meant, from what she could tell, passing through a bit of rough terrain. Hah, for her? Piece of cake.

Though, since she was heading south anyway, she figured she might as well check some of the southern buildings in her block.


She now found herself standing just inside the building, looking at three people who were... well, not locked in a standoff, but...

She could tell the atmosphere was tense.

The three people...

Noah. A friend. Funny guy, liked comedy, cool dude all around.

Two other people she didn't really know much about, except for their names. Maria and... Blake? Blaine? No, Blair. That was it.

It hadn't been a stealthy entrance at all. There was no way that didn't notice her.

In this tense situation, as she looked at each of them in turn, she could only think of one thing to say.

"Jesus Christ, Noah, what the fuck is that thing?"

Graceful as fuck.
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