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Nice, Asha's legs didn't have to be amputated after all. Now that Dorothy had let go, that meant that Asha could actually stand between her and Alex, too. Asha knew she didn't cut the most imposing figure, seeing as how Alex was practically a foot taller than her, but intimidation had never been the name of her game. Well, not traditional intimidation, at least. She bet that she could do wonders with a dark room and a creepy laugh, but that'd have to be an experiment for another day. The last thing Asha wanted Alex to be was scared.

Instead, Asha walked even closer to the dramatic drama kid, a smile on her face, stopping when she was only a few feet away from him. Hopefully she looked disarming, herself. Her fingers itched to brush against the taser she had hidden in her skirt pocket (a damn cute skirt with actual pockets, Asha had considered it the find of a lifetime even before it had come in handy on death island) but she resisted the urge, not wanting to look like she was reaching for a weapon. No need to give Alex a legitimate reason to use that pretty blade of his.

"Hard to say! I've only just woken up, you see," Asha said, exaggeratedly tilting her head in confusion, finger lightly tapping her chin in a universal gesture of thought. "If only we'd been given a little advance notice, we could all be looking our Sunday best right now!" If you were going to end up as a corpse either way, might as well save the undertaker the effort of dressing your carcass up. Looking like an elegant, refined ghost girl in a pale dress would have been ideal, of course, but Asha thought she'd done the best with what she had.

"Looks like we're right in front of a storehouse," she said, gesturing towards the entrance. "Could be that they have some hospital uniforms stashed away in there. Fancy taking a crack at running the asylum?" Asha laughed, hoping it didn't sound forced. Using levity as a weapon could only work if people thought you genuinely seemed to believe what you were saying. Better to be thought of as crazy than deceitful, any day of the week.
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