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"Wish we could hang a sign on the door. 'Dreamers only,'" Cass said, glad that Trav hadn't called out the morbidity of their earlier 'plan'. It was a signal saying that it was alright to go back to their escapism for as long as they could, until some faceless menace came along to drag them both back into the cover of darkness and stain the ground with their blood. Maybe they'd elect to throw them off the roof, instead. It'd be quicker for everyone involved.

Thinking about the end of escapism defeated the entire purpose of escapism, so Cass searched for anything else to occupy themselves with. The clouds above were beautiful and comforting, but you can only contemplate beauty for so long, and comfort by its very nature is not something you can focus on. Maybe when night fell Cass would be able to realize how the sky had changed, how such a short distance had changed their perspective on the infinity that stretched above them, but a cloudy blue sky looked like a cloudy blue sky, no matter where on Earth you laid your head down to rest. An idle mind couldn't help but wander towards darker places. So instead, Cass decided to focus on their new, unfamiliar companion.

"What are your dreams, Trav? What do you want out of life?" Cass asked. It was still too soon to think of their future in the past tense.
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