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Mel nodded. "You think we'll be able to get everyone together?"

She wasn't really sure where that had come from. She had said they'd find others, but the implication probably had been that they were finding others they actually cared about. It wasn't as if she didn't care about the rest of her classmates - Cameron in particular had gone up a few notches in her book of decent people to hang out with in the last few minutes, for example - but it wasn't as if she was equally fond of all of them. Give her the company of Sandy or Astrid any day over someone she just greeted in the hall.

Was that what she wanted, anyway? Everyone together, taking a stand against the terrorists so that they would all be murdered directly instead of indirectly? The two groupings of people she'd imagined, but in physical form?

There was still something missing. She drew her attention back to the map.

"I'm thinking we go to the A block," she continued. "Then maybe we follow the shoreline, cross the bridge... I dunno."

She gave Cameron a small, sheepish smile, sure of only one thing that she definitely wanted. "I'd kinda like to see the ocean."
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