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Alex's face wrinkled in distaste. "Mr. Machete?" he repeated. "We can do better for a hero name, can't we? How about Monsieur Machete? Or Machete Master?"

Good, light and breezy, effortless. A man utterly in command of his circumstances. The kind of man who could exceed this ghastly game.

"If this is a party!" he continued, closing the distant between them. "I intend to crash it."

get close to them

A whisper in the back of his head. Neither of them had shown any weapons, but if they had anything better than a sword, he'd only have a chance if he was in slashing range. To cut them open, to lay them bare, to take and live and-

No no no no no I am not that I am me I am Alexander David Tarquin I am not afraid of them they should be afraid of me!

But the scene of that boy being gunned down kept playing through his head.

"Of course," he said. "I don't think I can do that looking like a gigolo." He gestured vaguely down at his body with the blade of the machete. "I'm pretty sure I need a change of clothes. Hence my being here."

He stopped a little ways from them, some six feet. He smiled, and he thought he managed to come off as pretty disarming. "Don't suppose you lovely ladies could point the way?"
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V6 Players

Tara Behzad: "They don't get to decide how I die."

Lizzie Luz: "I don't want to go."

Alex Tarquin: "No more masks."

V5 Players

V4 Players
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