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"Well, I can't think of a good reason to leave." Trav said with a grin.

He was watching the clouds move overhead, drifting over the two of them. The irony of everything around them being so peaceful considering what was to come wasn't lost on him. For now though he was content to let everything happen around him. The roof was their shared private haven.

Obviously it wasn't going to last, Trav knew that. He also knew that he was one of the students best prepared for a fight to the death. Sure, he didn't have any idea how to use a gun besides pointing it at someone and pulling the trigger. Hand to hand fighting though? That was a different story, it was his wheelhouse, he was tall, in shape, athletic and knew how to put those physical gifts to good use. Being able to put that in action against someone he knew and had gone to school with? That was another question altogether, but if someone pushed him Trav would push back. Only if he was pushed though.

"This can be our private spot. No one else allowed." He smiled again. Humour. The best defense against hopelessness.
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