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Kimiko shrugged and shook her head at Sandra's question. She was in the same boat, not sure what to do or what path to take. She knew there were more paths available to her than she was aware of right now but she could only clearly make out two. Neither of them offered a complete explanation of what to do but they seemed to be the smartest choices. The saying rolled around in Kimiko's head again, she frowned as she considered a possible interpretation of it.

Finding friends seemed like a good idea but for some reason Kimiko didn't want to commit herself to that path of action. Not for a little while longer at least. She wanted time to assess her situation and her options. To figure out what she wanted to do. What she wanted was a plan.

She didn't have the makings of one yet.

Kimiko nodded at Sandra and wobbled her hand then made a wide circle with her index fingers, hoping that Sandra got the idea that she was going to stay and have a look around.
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