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The pickaxe clattered to the floor as Cameron caught Elmo.

"Oh huh." Mel had not had the best of luck with her 'weapon', even calling it a weapon was being generous. "That's unlucky." Cameron started laughing a little along with Mel. It felt good to have something lighthearted happen. Doom was overrated. For a few moments they were back home, laughing at a stupid joke, escapism at it's purest. Sadly though they had come back to reality. Tucking Elmo under her arm Cameron bent down and retrieved her pickaxe from where it lay on the floor.

Shuffling over next to Mel, Cameron had a look at the map. It took her a moment to figure out where they were in relation to everything else on the map. "I'm down for sticking together." She said as much to herself as to Mel. She put her index and middle fingers on the map one over each housing block.

"These two are closest, so I'd say we check them out first. What you reckon?"
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