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Gratitude? Was she supposed to thank her for not killing Fiyori? Was she even aware of what it made her sound like?

Fiyori gazed back at GLD, but then she averted her eyes and just shook her head. The wind blew, and some strands of hair flew into her face. She turned to face the railing, and the sea beyond.

She stepped towards it, heard her feet stepping on concrete and heard her feet stepping on grass. The railing was old. It was rusty, but it seemed stable. She put a hand on it. Leaned against it, and just watched out from the bridge into a gray and blurry sludge of sky and sea that stretched out before her.

The truth was, and it was an uncomfortable truth to accompany all the other ones, that her glasses were gone. Neither of the two bags contained them, and they weren't on the ground either. They were gone. That was it, and Fiyori felt as if she could just vomit. A strange reaction, perhaps some sort of mourning. Either way, in that moment more than ever she knew that she had two choices.

Take the step onto the railing. Lean forward and fall to death. Or ultimately accept Georgia Lee's offer of company. Use her as a pair of functioning eyes. It was so absurd, but it was a choice.

She wanted to say something. To Georgia Lee. Tell her about how much of a service she would have done to Fiyori if only she had killed the girl before she awoke. How much she would have loved to just die.

But now she had a choice. A choice she had to made then and in that moment.

She wanted it, didn't she? Die. Fling herself off into the water. If not from the Hudson Dam, then from that bridge. But no, she chose differently. She didn't know why. No, she did. But she didn't want to acknowledge the reason.

"Fine. You'll help me see shit. I'll help you survive."

Fiyori turned around to her again.

"Just try to be more pleasant company for once."
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