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How dare she? How dare she? Fiyori was right, Georgia Lee could have killed her. The girl was basically weightless; Georgia Lee could probably have lifted her one-handed. She'd let her live, and she'd stayed and helped her, and now Fiyori had the actual temerity to make threats?

The carrot, clearly, had been ineffective. It was time for the stick.

"How's this for a reason, Fiyori? How about I don't leave you here, on a bridge, completely exposed? How about I don't take all your stuff with me when I go? How about I don't leave you blind, alone and helpless, waiting for someone else who you've made life hell for, who maybe isn't as nice as me to come along?"

Georgia Lee gave her a hard, hollow smile.

"How about I don't do all that, and then when we meet your big, scary friends, you tell them to be nice to me out of a little something called gratitude?"

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