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Her throat was coarse. Sand was hidden away in little spots all around her teeth and gum. And yet, she laughed. She had to. There she was, Georgia Lee Day - her person, the entire sum of everything she did, all her aspirations, all the hard work she put in, all the foul words she listened to and all the challenges she braved, all the bonds she made, all the memories she had, everything Georgia Lee Day was and ever hoped to be... all of it stood in front of her and was fated to die.

It was petty, Fiyori knew. Petty, cruel. And yet, Fiyori was right. She was right about everything. So she couldn't help it. She laughed, tears swelling up in her eyes and a stinging pain developing around her solar plexus.

But she snapped out of it, and in the fraction of a second, Fiyori stopped. She focused on GLD, tried to so at least. A grin still on her lips, she approached the other young woman slowly. Took just three steps forward.

"You know? I think you could actually do it. Not dying, you know?"

She was sincere. It would have been possible. There was that condition, the requirement was to kill at least one of your classmates, and GLD just had the chance to do so. Had she used that chance, and then hid until the very end - then yes, Fiyori was sure of it. Georgia Lee Day could have done it.

"But if you're not even willing to kill me, well... then there's nothing left to do for us but run around this place aimlessly unless we run into someone like, dunno, Ty."

She stopped smiling. She stopped breathing for a moment, too. Of course, how could she be so ignorant. He was with her on the trip. Not only him, but also so many others. If it were only Georgia Lee Day and Fiyori Senay, she would have felt utter bliss, but knowing that so many of her friends are about to die. No, she couldn't think about it. She couldn't. She mustn't.

The smile didn't return.

"He'll give me a hug. And then he'll crush your skull."

Fiyori gave her a shrug, and raised an eyebrow.

"And I see no reason why I'd bother to stop him."
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