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Well, that was unsettling.

She wasn’t really trying to get Nancy to loosen up or anything, but the creepy cackling that followed her attempt at smalltalk certainly took her off guard. If Nancy hadn’t insisted on following her creepshow by heaving up her last meal in front of her, Vanessa probably would’ve noped her way back out of the room and been on her merry way.

Still, Nancy losing her lunch was enough to at least hold her attention just a little bit longer. As unnerving as an axe-wielding schoolgirl laughing like mad when you were stuck on murder island might’ve looked, it kind of lost its lustre when she started puking up the contents of her stomach into a trash can.

Vanessa edged further into the room, trying to get a better look at Nancy and her general situation. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was supposed to be doing in this situation, but she wasn't going to just stand back gaping at her with her mouth hanging open like a jackass.

“You alright?” she asked, keeping an arm’s length from Nancy, but not much more than that.
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