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On the one hand, Fiyori sounded like she was all there, mentally, and that was good. The girl wasn't exactly academic, but Georgia Lee knew she had a certain sharpness to her, and that would almost certainly prove useful. It certainly made for a better situation than her having to lead some halfwit around by the hand.

On the other hand, Fiyori sounded like she was all there, mentally, and that was dangerous. The girl was clearly suspicious, and this was probably the worst possible time for it. She didn't think Fiyori was likely to lose her temper, she was counting on her being smarter than that, but if she did...

No, she wouldn't. Wasn't going to happen. Georgia Lee wasn't going to waste time thinking about failure scenarios. She was just not going to fail. Planning for what to do if things went wrong was a waste of energy, and that energy could better be spent on making sure things didn't.

"Fiyori, look, I know we... we had our differences, but... I mean, I never wanted to kill you! I don't, still, I don't want to kill anyone! I mean, I went to school with these people, I care about them. I care about you, even! Maybe I don't exactly like you all of the time, but it's not like I want you to die."

She paused, and took a breath.

"I just want to find somewhere safe, somewhere where nobody will kill me, and... and figure out a way off of this island."

The other girl's face was a picture of skepticism, and it was clear to Georgia Lee that appeals to nonviolence and pacifism were not the way to go. Of course they weren't, it was ridiculous. Fiyori had probably never met someone she didn't want to kill, the idea of not being some sort of... homicidal lunatic was probably completely foreign to her. No, self interest was all that Fiyori would understand.

"Look I have worked too hard, for too long, for this to be..." she gestured out towards the island "...to be the end. I want to live, okay? I want to survive, and I want to have a life. I want to get into a good college, I want to get a scholarship, I want to go study there and graduate and get a good job and a husband and some kids and... this can't be a part of that. I had it planned, I had it all planned out, and it's not going to work if I spend the rest of my life with people looking at me like I'm a monster."

She couldn't tell if Fiyori believed her, or if she agreed with her, but Georgia Lee almost didn't care. There was a sense something like relief, as she got this out there. It felt good to speak her feelings aloud.

"I don't want to hurt anyone. I just want to stay alive. Listen, I know we don't get along, but it shouldn't matter. I don't think you're..." Georgia Lee almost said "a good person", but stopped herself. "...like me, but I think you're strong, and I think we can help each other."

She looked into Fiyori's strange, tiny, enigmatic eyes.

"Please. I don't want to die."

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