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Georgia Lee Day replied by pulling another bag not unlike the one Fiyori just searched through. It seemed to come from nothing, and GLD also commented that it might actually be the one belonging to Fiyori. It didn't sound very condescending, much to Fiyori's surprise. At first, Fiyori meant to apologize. Say something along the lines about how she didn't see the other bag. It was true, of course. But it was no reason to say sorry. Not to Georgia Lee Day.

...actually, to whom did the G010 bag belong if not to Fiyori? Was it GLD's? Then why didn't she object when Fiyori rummaged through it? Or was it just that GLD herself didn't know exactly which bag belonged to her. No, that wasn't likely. Fiyori knew GLD to be methodical, strategic, thinking ahead and thinking about her surroundings. She would hazard a guess that GLD's first action upon waking up would've been assessing what she now owned and how she could use that.


Either way, Fiyori made sure to look through the bag as GLD looked all over the ground. Fiyori, again, found nothing.

"So, are these our bags or do you have another one?"

Fiyori rose to her feet, gave the bag another look and turned towards GLD. Her mind was clearing, and yet she was sure something murky was aboard. She waited a bit. Formed the words in her head and asked herself whether she really should ask at that moment. She concluded she should.

"You just wasted your best chance to kill me."

Her voice was steady and firm. Dark, even, and definitely a surprise to Fiyori. Yet she was curious. No, she was demanding an answer because Fiyori felt something odd was going on.

"Had you thrown me into the ocean, you'd be down one potential enemy and I wouldn't even object to it.

But here you are, asking me to come with you. Helping me to find my glasses. And you're not even being a bitch about it."

She squinted her eyes, and tilted her head to the side.

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