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Johnny let the bible fall from his hands, and it hit the carpet with barely a sound. He felt his heart fall with it.

Shame was something of a foreign emotion to Johnny, and it was not one that he was enjoying. It was rare for him to regret anything, but now he couldn't feel anything other than disgust for the encounter he'd just had.

It was Raina's face, he thought. Seeing how he looked through her eyes, seeing how much that had revolted her, it had just been too much. Why'd it had to've been Raina, of all people? Anyone else he could've dealt with. His friends disapproved: who gave a shit? His mom caught him: yeah, shit yeah, bring it on! Raina, though, seeing the repulsion in those eyes that he'd seen real, actual caring in once... it had hurt. It still hurt.

If there'd been anything there, even the chance of there being anything there, Johnny'd torpedoed it, and for what? Some cheap ride with a wigger psycho? Raina'd looked at him like he was special, once. Now she'd looked at him just like everyone else.

With limbs that felt like lead, he stood and dressed himself. His T shirt was on back-to-front, he realized after putting it on, but he left it, and just pulled the zipper on his hoodie all the way up to his collar, instead. Good enough.

There was still a distinct aroma of smoke and of fuck in the room, and Johnny pushed both of the windows as wide as they could go. Caedyn's underwear, he noticed, was still lying in the middle of the floor, and using his foot Johnny flicked it out of the window. After a moment's thought he took the toilet paper and the condom and tossed them out too. If he was disposing of evidence, there was no sense in going halfway about it.

Johnny went into the bathroom and splashed water on his face. He looked like shit, but what was new?

He pocketed the Percocet as he left.

[Johnny Ray McKay continued elsewhere]

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