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Her gaze wandered from the damp darkness of her own person to the room that surrounded her. That darker, damper room filled with a haunting past of men who believed themselves to be wise and yet caused so much misery in their search for healing.

It was clear. It was without doubt. Lucilly was not alone, yet Lucilly felt alone. God was with her, she would have loved to remember, but Lucilly heard a thud from somewhere and a skipped beat of her heart from the inside.

Lucilly watched and observed the room. Her eyes hurt, and her own vision was clouded by overwhelming darkness and the tears she shed.

And yet, another sound. Another person, Lucilly knew. A third one to share her habitation and a second time her solitude - her separation from the light - grew to be oh so stronger.

Then a name rang out. Softly. Silent. Spoken without confidence in herself, but a name spoken nonetheless.


And there was light, and the loneliness was gone.
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