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Fiyori’s hand was warm, and her grip was surprisingly firm. Georgia Lee grasped it and pulled, and the girl rose to her feet. She was steady, appearing free of the queasiness which had plagued Georgia Lee after she’d woken, and that at least was a blessing.

She stood off to the side, as Fiyori searched, with her back to the girl, one hand on the bridge’s rusting iron trellis, and looking out over the sea. She felt small, up there on the bridge, surveying the vastness of the ocean. She felt tiny and insignificant and pointless, and all her dreams, all her ambitious, all her thoughts of how she was going to be someone seemed so ridiculous as to be almost laughable.

For all that she thought of herself as having overcome obstacles, having pushed through adversity, nothing that she’d ever been faced was anything compared to this. She’d done nothing, achieved nothing, got nowhere. She’d worked and worked and worked for some goal that she would never see, and now where had all her work landed her?

It had landed her here. Had her classmates had the right idea? They were idiots, utterly devoid of drive or direction, but at least they’d enjoyed themselves. They’d spent their years partying and having fun, not locked up somewhere studying. Georgia Lee had put in so much time, hours and days and night, was that all going to be for nothing?

No, it couldn’t be for nothing. She wouldn’t let it.

Georgia Lee had never had a problem with heights, but a sudden dizziness came over her then, and she had to take a step away from the edge, and turned back toward Fiyori. It wasn’t the other girl that she looked at, though; rather, Georgia Lee looked past her, and then she turned in a slow circle, her eyes fixed on the horizon.

There was nothing. No land, not that she could see, just open ocean for miles and miles and miles. Nobody was anywhere close. Nobody knew they were here. Nobody was coming.

She banished those thoughts, for the moment, and took a deep breath, letting the air fill her lungs. She breathed out a little, and then breathed in deeply again, repeating this over and over, each time taking in more air than she let out. It was an exercise that she often used to take her mind of physical pain, when she was aching and fatigued after a tough work out, or when she was cramping.

Georgia Lee let her mind clear.

Long term, she wanted to go home. For all Kingman’s smallness, all its stifling monotony and its lack of potential, that was where she wanted to be, now. She just wanted to go back to her normal life. To do that, she needed to not die, and to conduct herself in a manner befitting who she was. Something would present itself, they’d find some way out, they just had to. There was no way it could end here.

All she needed was to stay alive, and to keep her hands clean, and having Fiyori around would help her do both. It didn’t make sense to plan beyond that, not in a situation like this. Georgia Lee had taken on big projects before, and she knew the key was to simply take the one step at a time. If you focus on everything you have to do, you’ll simply overwhelm yourself. Focus just on what’s in front you, and you’ll be fine.

What was in front of Georgia Lee now was Fiyori, who was still looking for her glasses.

“Are you sure that’s uhh, that’s the bag they gave you?”

There was another bag lying a few yards away, a bag that Georgia Lee supposed was hers, though it wasn’t a thought she was particularly comfortable with. She walked over and grabbed it, then put it down next to the one Fiyori was rummaging through.

“Could this one be yours? Maybe they’re in here. I don’t think they’re anywhere else though, I think I’d spot them pretty easily.”

She hadn’t spotted easily though, had she? Georgia Lee had almost crushed them without seeing them, and so she made a show of searching, of pulling aside the weeds and brushing off dirt, hunting desperately for the glasses that were hidden in her boot.

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