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"Yeah, Tara," Tara said, listening to him. "Oh, right. Sure. You're both...uh..." They played a sport together, but she couldn't remember which one. Two Cris' on the same team, ha. But she guessed Lizzie's brother wasn't a pianist. Would be funny if he was. Hey, I just met your sister, she told me not to die, that was cool of her

"You're on the same team, right?" Tara said. "Or you...were..."

She considered his question, looking around the warehouse. Well, of course she was looking for something. She was looking for a couple somethings, in fact. There was a lot to be done. She weighed her options, hefted her bag, considered. Had to die happy, but that would take so much prep work, and there were about a hundred missteps she could take along the way. She'd already evaluated her map, and wheels were turning in her head.

"I've got these flashbangs, right?" Tara said. "And that's cool and all, but I'd...kinda like something I can use if, uh..." She shrugged. "I was thinking, like, a hammer? Just something I can have handy and maybe...hurt someone without..."

She trailed off and shook her. "Christ, this is depressing."
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