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"No, I don't have my own anymore. I ran, like, a lot to come here and it was exhausting. I needed to drink."

It was the truth that it took some time to come from the building (it was fucking creepy there), to this one. It was not true that he had no bottles anymore. He started drinking from one, but still had his others full. Darius did not plan to make a fool out of himself, using his own bottles. No, he needed Junko's bottles.

"As for trusting, you can't trust anybody, you're right, you're smart. But you can trust me. Like, what do you think I'm going to do with the bottle? Beat you to death with it?"

Darius giggled. Oh man, he shouldn't laugh at such a situation, but the seriousness of it made it more funnier. He could compensate sadness with laughter. That was alright.

He reached her his hand.

"Also, hurry up. I want us to go home ASAP."
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