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“Woah!” Vanessa jerked, raising her hands in a nonthreatening ‘don’t axe my face a question’ posture. “Chill, I’m not looking for trouble.”

She sized up the hatchet wielding girl, edging slowly into the room and leaving the door wide open. She could’ve left, of course, said “Well fuck you too” and turned heel with the flip of a bird, but this was not the time to start fighting with everyone. That was supposed to be what this time was, since everyone was supposed to be murdering everyone after all, but refusing to partake in that was just another casual way for Vanessa to be obstinate: by casually not attacking everyone she met.

Besides, she kind of really wanted to talk to anybody right now.

Vanessa did not know Nancy beyond her distinctive appearance in the hallway. Personally, she dug the blue haired look (though knew that it wouldn’t suit her, unfortunately. Cams could probably pull it off though), and had to admire her current ensemble. The naughty Catholic schoolgirl outfit was a bit last decade, but it was a pretty good style on the whole. If she'd paid any attention to Nancy wearing her more weeabish wardwrobe, then Vanessa had not remembered it.

It would probably have helped if Vanessa could actually remember her name at least, though. Oh well, easy enough to find out.

“I’m Vanessa; what about you?”
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