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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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No time to dwell, not on the reasons for the girl's presence (was Lily dropped in the same building, or did she come here seeking something? What was she looking for?). No time to dwell on her name, either. The Luz family were a large enough bunch, usually conjuring up thoughts of the silly O'Doyle family from Billy Madison. Coleen wouldn't have found it particular outlandish if the Luz family had kids in each grade. She also wouldn't have found it particularly outlandish if they had to use a modified school bus just to go to the supermarket.

There was no time for any of that because of the scream. To think that somebody would take to the advice of their captors so quickly... well, she supposed it wasn't like they had been left with much choice, not with those prohibitive stipulations. In less than 24 hours, one of them HAD to be dead. Otherwise, they'd all be dead, their throats torn from them thanks to these damned metal rings choking their necks.

Coleen imagined that it was the collar's presence that marked the tipping point. Waking up and processing her situation was hard enough, but to have been so... so callously marked as to have a collar on invoked the feeling of being an animal in a cage. Given that they were being 'asked' to fight to the death, a comparison to pit bulls might be more apt.

It had been a few moments since the scream, and Coleen had stepped back far enough that the bookcase no longer covered her from Lily and vice-versa. She looked at the other girl out of the corner of her eye. Her heart sank; if Lily was indeed lying and was also an aggressive party, she was too close to the door to make that a viable escape route. The vulnerability present from having no real weapon held increasing weight, and Coleen decided the best thing to do by this point would be to hide.


Dragging her bag along with her and keeping a careful eye on Lily, the girl tucked herself behind one of the couches in the reading area, switching her gaze between the door and the girl in front of it, and then towards the direction the scream seemed to come from.
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