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Wait, since when we had a Mr. Machete involved in this hugging session? Wasn't he a bit too old to be part of the student body? Wasn't he also busy with Spy Kids 4 or something? Unless the terrorists kidnapped both the cast of a movie and the students from Cochise, that'd be a mess to handle. Especially with the autograph an-

She was going on a mental tangent, if Mr. Machete was truly here, he could get us out of here by slashed the terrorists to death! If he wasn't, then maybe Dot and Asha had a problem incoming.

Sadly, it was the latter.

Yup, it was obviously not him, he was not Mexican, had a mustache, and was a wall of muscle, but he had a machete in his hand. Oh Asha, if you could only have called him by his name, you wouldn't have give false hope to Dorothy, but she found her funny. It wasn't the only thing funny about the scene, Alexander was dressed up like in a carnival with his fancy red shirt and his really expensive looking jeans.

Dorothy untangled her arm from Asha's legs, she wished she could have hugged her for a while longer but there was a man with a gigantic knife going toward them so she decided it could wait. She wiped the remnants of her tears an sniffed one time. She realized, however, he wasn't only going toward the girls to find help and be friends, he looked sweaty and exhausted and... was he running?

Oh, oh. That could really, really be bad.

She was still on her knees, slowly trying to stand again, not too fast to scare the man and not too slow to get chopped in half. She really had to stop exaggerating, this was a life or death situation, he wouldn't cut her in half. Maybe she lose a lot and a lot of blood and an internal organ or two, but that's not half. The idea of her laying there though, on the dock, open for everyone to see truly sent chills down her back and made her twitch a little.

She used the handle of the door she used to leave the building as a way to prop herself up. Her right hand wrapped around the handle of the bag. There wasn't anything to say, Asha was already doing the talking but if she needed help, she'd join her. If Asha was truly there for Dorothy, then she had to be there for Asha.

That's how friendship works,
me by naft
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