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Jordan felt far more guarded than he had moments before.

Sure, it was a paranoid thought to have, but he realised that there were eyes on him. Not just Hazel, that might have still been okay, but the realisation that he was on SOTF and that meant that there were probably a million cameras trained on him at this very moment had finally sunk in. They had seen him earlier. They could see the dirt on his face, and the little bit of vomit on the sleeve of his jacket. They could see how he snapped his hands together at the realisation that he was being watched.

And they were going see exactly how much of a flaming disaster whatever remained of the life of Jordan Green was going to be.

Okay. Calm down. He needed to ignore that. He needed to think about the situation.

They were on an island. And there were people with guns on the island. And more likely than not there were people who were willing to kill people on the island. And there was a good chance that those two categories overlapped.

Yeah. He was screwed.

Thinking about it rationally just got him to the same answer as he had at first. Just slower.

But he wasn't going to voice any of that. They were in a bad enough situation and he didn't need to make both of them feel worse by voicing his own shitty thoughts.

"Yeah, I get what you mean. The whole thing's enough to make you queasy. Not feeling so great myself, but I think I broke my personal best record for a mile back there." Jordan was trying to make light of it, but even thinking about physical exertion was making him feel worse again.

"People have managed to escape from this before, right?" Jordan tried to sound as hopeful as he could, but he still avoided eye contact with Hazel. He doubted he could outwit a group of terrorists, and he wasn't willing to try. He wasn't the kind who would risk everything on a stupid plan with too many moving parts anyway. "I mean, the government's probably on the way. All we need to do is not get killed before they get here, right?"

Jordan had yet another thought that he wasn't about to vocalise. The previous bunch of kids had probably thought the exact same way as he was thinking now. But the government had only found an empty island and only one girl had made it out alive.

"Do you have any ideas?"
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