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Irene was on his side for it. Accomplices? Totally the answer. Hell, Danny wouldn't have put it past Fiyori. Maybe a bit harsh to bring classmates into it, but it could be delayed revenge for the whole dumping thing. Even if they'd somewhat made up (okay, Danny had made up, Fiyori hadn't had anything to apologise for in that case.)

But then the gun went off. Irene toppled back. There was a horrible ringing in Danny's ears.

Danny toppled over as well from sheer shock, fists raised like he was going to challenge the gunshot to a fight. Staring at the little puff of sand that had been thrown into the air where the shot had landed.

There were a few seconds of dead silence. Dead silence for all that Danny could tell, anyway, as the ringing sound in his ears faded. Danny got to his feet, but with his fists still raised.

Then he flipped his shit.

“No. No, no, no, no. That's… that's gotta be… no, come on, this can't be real. We cannot be… it's wrong, the… it's supposed to happen on school trips to fun places, to kids in big cities, it's not supposed to happen to us! You're in on it! The both of you gotta be in on this!” He laughed. High-pitched and not amused in the least. “It's fake! It's fake! It's fake…” He shook his head, and as he did so felt the ring of metal around his neck. Suddenly it seemed so very heavy. He grabbed it with both hands.

“It's not real! This isn't real! I can just… it'll come off and I'll be fine, and—“

He yanked. Nothing.

“It'll come off!”

Another pull. Nothing.

“It'll… it'll...”

He trailed off, staring at the other two with wide eyes, fingers still wrapped around the collar. At the guns they both had. At his own bag, which probably had a gun in it as well. A gun he was expected to use.

“Oh god,” he whimpered.
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