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Ok, that... That was not the effect of any asthma she knew. She turned to the boy, Noah was his name she recalled. They had known of each other, but never really progressed past the acquaintance stage.the kind of person you nodded to in the corridor, maybe said 'Hey' to occasionally.

And the weapon had a sawblade in it. Judging by the gouge in the wall, it could launch it somehow, and she really didn't want to be on the receiving end of a flying sawblade. "Maybe, we should all put the weapons down..." Her voice jumped a bit, despite her trying to keep it level, "Starting with sawblade-catapult-whachimajigger over there..."

If he put that down, then she could go and help the girl. As it was, she took a step back to prevent the puddle of vomit pooling over her shoes, which would probably make her hurl to be honest. "Keep it together Maria, keep it together..."
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