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She heard noises coming from behind her.

She needed to move.

She stood up, picking up her bag as her feet crunched the broken glass below her. That was right, she broke the mirror. She cringed, slightly. That was her fault. As much as she wanted to deflect the blame and give excuses for herself she really couldn’t. She got angry at the situation, couldn’t control it, made a mistake, and now she had to pay the consequences for it. Maybe. It was pretty clearly people who were out there as the noises she heard sounded more like voices than anything else, but she didn’t know who these people were. That, she figured, could be either a good thing or a bad thing. It mostly depended on who these people were. She imagined that she would be properly able to judge that if she got to see them. She knew these people. She had been collecting information off of them for years. She smiled, slightly. Maybe some of that could be useful now.

She moved herself away from the broken mirror and a little bit more into the darkness of the room. Now they couldn’t see her from the source of her noise, which was good. She imagined that that would at the very least give her a little bit more time before they came.

It felt weird, thinking like this. She felt that it was necessary, though. She needed to survive this. She wasn’t going to let any emotions or irrelevant thoughts stop her from that. She was going to get out of here, plain and simple, and she was going to remove all of those flaws that she allowed herself to keep.

She looked around for a bit, trying to find something in the darkness. The light from the room she was previously in was behind her, and she was moving forward, stumbling as she tried. Ugh.She wished she had a flashlight, or something. That’d make this easier for her. Eventually, she found an outline. Light in a rectangular shape. A door, most likely. She moved foward, feeling for the handle, and once her fingers wrapped themselves around the cold metal, she moved her wrists, opening it.

There was a door exactly in front of her, with the noises from earlier coming from it.

She froze.
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