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((Bart Cappotelli continued from Season Cut Short))

Bart's walk through the asylum was not a pleasant one. He had never been a fan of horror movies, so taking a walk in a decrepit old mental hospital that looked like the set of some summer slasher movie did nothing to put him at ease. His stress level was still quite high, and his face still had noticeable salt trails from his crying jag back at the cafeteria. From his expression alone, it was easy to see that he was an emotional mess.

He walked through the lonely halls with nothing to keep him company but the sounds of his own footsteps and the occasional reminder of how the building has felt the combined forces of nature and the passage of time. Strangely, the random patches of indoor vegetation and eroded scenery didn't bother him as much as he would have thought. Despite how unnerved he was by his current location, it was more the situation that was making him miserable.

Bart's aimless wandering eventually brought him to a new area of the asylum. As he continued to look around, his attention was drawn to a couple of paintings lying on the ground in a nearby doorway. He approached the paintings cautiously to get a better look at them. They looked a bit messy, but not too bad.

He was crouching to pick one up when he heard a sound come from inside the room, like something had hit a wall. He froze and looked through the doorway to see a tall girl standing inside. He didn't know what to do, but he was too nervous to make a move.
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