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A voice in the dark. Tara froze, finger still in her mouth, hand resting on a crumbling cardboard box. She had just been enjoying the way it gave beneath her fingertips, like mud as your fingers pressed through. Now there was a strange, someone she hadn't seen, someone-

Her hand twitched, but did not quite move to the bag that held her flashbangs. No, not yet, if ever: she knew too well the harm these things could bring, and anyways that was the path that led down into the rocks and crashing surf. She was still in no man's land. She would not choose death or pain, not yet. She would hold that place as long as she could.

"Hey," she said.

She squinted, trying to make out the figure standing in the dark. Vaguely familiar. Where had seen him? On stage, maybe?

Pieces clicked into place. She remembered his fingers on a piano. "Cris?" she ventured.

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