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This had been a bad idea.

The person inside the room stopped making noise and started walking towards the door. Alvaro’s heart quivered in anticipation. He didn’t know who was inside but he could hear the steps loudly hitting the floor and he didn’t know who it was and who the person was and whether they were a threat or not or whether they would be someone friendly. He didn’t know whether this was a bad idea or not but everything in his mind was making him lean towards the former. He had no weapon, he had no idea who was in there and why didn’t he think of this before now before he idiotically knocked on the door and now he was probably going to die because the person in there was a monster and why did he do that and why was he here and he just needed help. Someone. Anyone.

The door opened, a voice called out, and all of Alvaro’s fears were confirmed.

Min-Jae Parker stood in the doorway, holding both the same angry expression as always and a weapon in his hand (some sort of bar, or baton; Alvaro wasn’t really quite sure what it was supposed to be). Alvaro could feel his hands start to shake now. He breathed. In, out. In, out. In, out and oh god no why did it have to be him couldn’t it be basically anyone else. He knew Min-Jae. Min-Jae knew him. Min-Jae had a weapon. He didn’t. This was the worst possible situation for him and oh god why was he here and why did he have to wake up here of all places and he just hoped that Min-Jae didn’t want to do anything.

Wait, he had to say something. Anything. Min-jae was there, right in front of him, expecting something from him. Considering where he was and who he was talking to Alvaro had to say something. About this. About anything that would allow him to get out of here.

“...Hi, um, Jae.”

He could barely get the words out.
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