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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Jasmine Reed (Girl 052) had just woken up. There were voices and they woke her up. She had been besides herself, floored, quite literally on the floor, but that was until her fingers landed on her collar and she remembered the room and Mr. Graham and the blood. 'Besides herself' could not possibly describe her reaction. She let out one scream that pierced her ears.

Then she stopped. Jasmine fell into an abrupt silence. The drugs in her system lingered, and the scream made her dizzy. She wanted to scream again. She slapped herself across the face, breathed in through her nose, balled her fingers into fists.

Jesus, Jazz, calm down. Just calm down.

Jasmine sat up. There was a voice, somewhere, but she had an one-track mind and she didn't even consider where the voice was coming from. Jasmine knew she had to get out of there, wherever she was. She scrambled to her feet. She didn't even take in her surroundings, giving herself enough time to recognize that she was behind some sort of counter. There was a bag placed in a wooden chair, oh shit, right, her dufflebag! Jasmine snatched it and threw it over her shoulder.

The library counter was a small island in the corner by the entrance. Jasmine did not see a door or anything of the sort, and in her panic she neglected to check the office behind her. So Jasmine did the only thing she could think of; she scrambled over the counter. What's the worst that could possibly happen?

Well. Jasmine could lose her balance, fall off and land on her head.

Jasmine's mother always told her to take her time. Jasmine was a terrible listener.


G052 - Reed, Jasmine - 0% - Falchion - START END
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