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"Right... that's right... of course," Sandra said, sliding down the floor into a seated position, "You couldn't tell me..."

She sighed, then sniffled, the chuckled. It was a pitiful chuckle, empty of any sort of joy. She wiped her nose of the snot that had started dripping from it.

"What... what are we supposed to do? I've never... felt so helpless in my entire life..." Sandra mumbled.

It felt like whatever she did here would just lead to her losing. It was a Catch-22, a damned if you do, damned if you don't. Even if, for some reason, she decided to start killing, what were the chances of her making it to the end? If she died, what would the meaning in all of those deaths be?

But then, even if she didn't, if she died, someone else would go home. Some other broken soul would be free to go home. Then what? Well, she'd be dead. Nothing else would matter to her.

But what of her family? Just imagining the pained faces on her mom and dad, and Eric and Michael, left a terrible feeling in her gut.

It was selfish, but Sandra didn't want to die. Sandra didn't want to leave a broken family behind. But if that meant killing then...

Could she...?

She looked back up at Kimiko. She didn't know what to say.

"I want to..." she started.

She swallowed, interrupting her own words.

"I'm going to find my friends," she finished. She got up, and began the arduous process of reaching for all the stuff strewn around and stuffing them back in her bag.
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