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The sudden sound of gunfire erupting throughout the hallway caused Candice to flinch back. Momentarily worried that some other crazy classmate had arrived or the nutjobs in charge of this horrorshow had decided to take matters into their own hands because the two girls weren't killing each other fast enough, she quickly realized that it had been caused by her new neighbor. Candice had been so focused on the fact that the other girl had been shouting and up in her face that she hadn't even registered that there'd been a gun in her hand until it went off.

Candice was also struck by the realization that she'd gone her entire life up until now without knowing how loud a gunshot was.

So this is all it took for one of us to snap, Candice thought. At this rate, we'll be down to the one survivor in no time.

Candice had expected her life to end shortly after the gunshots rang out in the abandoned building. After all, it's not like cowering against the wall with her arms pathetically raised in front of her face was going to be any help in protecting herself from bullets or anything. And yet, the expected pain failed to arrive. Was this other girl trying to intimidate her, or was she just whetting her appetite for violence before the kill? Looking up, she expected to see her psychopathic classmate emptying her weapon into everything in sight out of sheer rage. She instead found the complete opposite: a terrified girl who didn't know what to make of this situation they were in.

This other girl... Mia? Candice thought that the girl's name might have been something like that. At any rate, Mia had gone from "Terrifying" to "Terrified" so quickly, she'd become Candice's go-to mental image for when somebody used the word "Unstable". Prone to lash out at everything around her, then not understand why she'd done it three seconds after it was over. Changing attitudes at the drop of a hat. That was the first impression Candice got from her.

It was the first impression of a girl that Candice wanted nothing to do with.

A girl who would be nothing but a liability or an enemy.

Candice wondered if she would make it if she just walked away. Mia seemed like she was more surprised than angry at Candice right now, so it was a plan of action that probably had a good chance of success. Leave the girl behind, maybe see about meeting up with friends you know and can trust. Don't let the fox into the barn where all your eggs are, or whatever the applicable saying is for this situation. While telling herself that this would be for the best, and thinking things along those lines, Candice almost reached the decision to run away. Almost.

She hadn't yet turned away from Mia to begin her escape, though, which meant -- not knowing whether or not this was a mistake or not -- that she got one more look at the other girl.

A girl who couldn't even wrap her head around what was happening to her.

A girl whose entire life had been torn from her... no, one who had been torn from her entire life.

A frightened girl that Candice couldn't look at without thinking that she was staring into a goddamn mirror.

She wanted to reach out and do something supportive. Put her hand on Mia's shoulder, give her a hug, anything to show support. That's what would make Candice feel good if she were in Mia's situation -- no, what would make her feel better in her current situation. But her better judgement was telling her that doing something like suddenly touching Mia was not a good idea. Well, Candice was beginning to suspect that this madhouse was going to render her "better judgement" into nothing more than a crock of shit, but "no sudden moves" seemed to be sound advice no matter how you looked at it. She settled instead for just extending a hand in the other girl's direction.

"Confident" and "Reassuring" were the attitude she was going for, but based on how she couldn't seem to keep her hand steady it seemed as though she'd greatly missed her mark.

"L-Let's find someplace safer than the middle of a hallway for the time being, okay?"
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