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It was funny. She’d always liked the idea of exploring an abandoned hospital. Kingman had a few laying around, so it wasn’t like she hadn’t been to some for urban exploration. And yet, here Jennifer was, inside what had to be the world’s most decrepit art room. It smelled like rotten wood, too.

To be honest, Jennifer had mixed feelings about whether or not they’d be rescued. On one hand, wouldn’t people have caught on by now? Buses go missing, it’s SOTF. Period. Maybe the FBI or CIA was getting on that, and they’ll be rescued in the next few hours. Maybe. On the other, it took a few days before rescue happened in 2008. Also, she was sure some of her classmates were morally bankrupt enough to start killing anyways. That Bradley boy, for example.

Jennifer had looked through the bag they’d given them, of course. There was plenty of food and water, though a chain? Really? Well, she guessed that it was useful in its own way. Then there was the manual. It was written in a way that suggested that Danya pleasured himself to the idea of people killing each other. And yet, it was only another reminder that she wasn’t just off exploring an abandoned hospital.

She’d read it over and over while sitting at this art table, just in front of a tree that had fallen through the window. She closed the manual with a small thud.

Jennifer felt herself shake some. She knew Blake wasn’t here, so that was a relief. That was a small one, though. She didn’t remember who did go on the trip. Graham, though…

The image of Graham’s head exploding had come up again. Jennifer quickly stood up, rubbing her forehead for a few seconds. But those few seconds were enough to inspire something stronger in her. Her teeth gritted, and she felt herself breathing louder. A wordless roar left her lips.

The manual flew through the air, hitting an easel and falling to the ground.

Maybe she shouldn’t be so emotional. But it still was hell.

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