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The silence was broken by Mel's chuckling.

"Here," she said, "catch," and tossed Elmo at Cameron's arms.

She hadn't known what she had expected when she opened up the bag. A weapon, probably. Even something unorthodox, like Cameron's pickaxe. Not this.

You know, this was okay.

The past few minutes, she'd been obsessing over the terrorists and what their intentions were, trying not to play into their hands. Sure, this joke of a weapon was a gift from them. But she found herself not really caring to look into what it might mean, like if it was meant to manipulate her into feeling some way or another.

It felt good to laugh, and that was good enough. Maybe ignoring the terrorists was a small victory all its own.

Grinning, she zipped up her bag and turned to face Cameron, with the map of the island in one hand and the strap of her bag in the other.

"Sure," Mel said. "We stick together, we go find the others. After that... I've got some thoughts about all of this, but..." Now it was her turn to trail off and shrug, grin fading, before poking at the map. "Any ideas?"
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