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Apparently it wasn’t a joke. Know why? Well, Darius pulled out the instruction manual thing from his pocket. You know, the one where they make jokes about killing people and shit. That one. Junko had read a few snippets of it, only to stop because it was so… weird. Anyways, ripping it up was one way to stick it to the terrorists.

Junko raised an eyebrow, watching the shredded paper fall to the ground like snowflakes. She had only one response to that.

“Well… then.”

He’d asked for water, too. Well, Darius did look exhausted and red-faced. He sprinted here too. He was probs thirsty after that. But Junko still wasn’t sure if she could trust him. Sure, he seemed to think that this was bullshit too, but for all she knew he could backstab her, even if he knew a way off. But damn it, her better side won out.

With a bit of hesitance, she walked over to her bag sitting on the ground and unzipped it. The bat made a small thud as she dropped it on the floor to place her hands into the bag. Once her fingers touched a plastic cap, she quickly pulled it up. But for a moment, she stared at it.

This was her water. She wasn’t sure where they could get more. Was it a good idea to give it to him? Sure, he seemed like he needed it, but still.

She didn’t look up.

“Darius… don’t you have some of your own?” she asked. But another, more crushing question came out.

“How do I know I can trust you?”

For all she knew, this was a trap of some kind. Again, he tore the manual, but for all she knew he could be pulling a ruse of some kind. What, she wasn’t sure.

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