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Can you hear me?
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Somewhere in the room, there was a series of sobs.

Emma froze up, her eyes widening. Even though the gas was still clouding her mind, she could still figure out one thing: someone else was here. Sounded like a girl, too. It could mean many things. Maybe it was someone safe, maybe it wasn’t.

She slid the bag off her hand, and slowly pulled herself into a kneel. It felt a bit like her brain was sloshing around in her skull. Emma looked around. She still had her glasses on, but even then it was somewhat more difficult to focus. It didn’t help it was dark, either.

The sobbing only got louder, mixing well with Emma’s heartbeat. Her mouth felt even more dry. She wasn’t sure if she should say something. It could be someone dangerous. But who at the school would be dangerous? There was somewhat of a bad crowd at the school, but most schools did. She also didn’t think most- if not all- would kill people, either. Their school was different, right? Cochise was a good school, full of good people. Hopefully that was still the case.

Before she could say anything, there was another sound. It was something like a door creaking open. Emma snapped her head towards the noise. Someone was saying something. Another girl? Yeah, another girl. Different girl.

Mom and Dad had taught her a lot. She’d been to self-defense lessons, and had gone camping with them. But, she realized, she still couldn’t remember if they told her what to do in situations like this. So she did the only thing she could think of.

She raised her arms up with her palms flat.

“It… it’s…”

Emma couldn’t speak. Maybe she was still incoherent from the drugs, maybe she was just nervous. But the back of her throat tasted bitter.

“E-emma. It’s… it’s me. Emma-a.”

Her voice came out quiet and slightly slurred.

Hopefully, if she could see her, she’d realize she was unarmed. Hopefully her, and the other girl, were safe people. Hopefully Emma made the right choice.

She tightly closed her eyes, waiting for what would happen next.

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