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After a few moments, Blair managed to recover her wits and stop hacking. Panting slightly, Blair looked over at the girl. Her name was...Maria or something? She had a food blog or something, and Blair knew next to nothing else about her other than that. She hadn't even seen the thing itself, just heard about it. Was it even a blog? Whatever.

There was also a guy in the doorframe, who Blair at least knew a bit better. Noah was one of those comedian types, and while Blair usually found that kind of thing annoying, at least Noah wasn't the type to screw around in class. So points to him, she supposed.

Wait what the fuck was he carrying? It looked like a plastic sling-ball toys, Jai alai or something, made of metal and was that a sawblade he was putting in it? Oh shit. They were both armed. She was not. This could be bad.

Blair raised her hands above her head, trying to maintain a steady breathing rate, and said, "Yeah, I'm all for clam. Uh, calm. Sorry." Damn, she was mixing up her words, she was so nervous. "No but seriously, if you guys are cool, I'm just gonna...rest, yeah."

An intense pain went through Blair's stomach, her body's protest against her running around carrying a heavy bag for like half an hour.

Then she puked, damn-near projectile style, sending half-digested remnants of her last meal across the floor.
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