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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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The girl stepped into the room. Noah kept the slinger raised, although he was already getting tired from holding it up. He made sure it was rested on his shoulder to relieve some stress, but it was starting to feel jittery. Sweater Girl was holding her long, dangerous sword close to her chest, and Noah was hoping she was planning on keeping it sheathed.

Of course, that was when a banshee decided to make its appearance and loudly scream in the hall. Noah jumped a bit in place. The other girl stepped back into the hall, giving Noah notice to lower his weapon. He wasn't sure who was in the hall, but from the other girl's reaction, someone else had just arrived and was startled by the sight of the girl.

"Oh fuck me," Noah muttered.

Noah leaned down and reached for his duffel bag, swinging it over his left shoulder. He kept the slinger in his right hand, and moved closer to the door. Sweater Girl had suggested they all calm down. Noah walked over to the sawblade on the ground.

"Yeah, 'calm' would be great," he said, leaning down to pick the saw up. He carefully lifted the edge up, managing to get it between his fingertips.

"I mean, it's preferable to screaming and jumping around, so I'd like some suggestions for alternative actions," he continued.

Noah put the sawblade back into the crook of the slinger, making sure it locked in with the magnet. Maybe this wasn't the best action to do while talking to these girls, but it had to be done before someone decided to go crazy. Granted, this wasn't the place for him to be having a fight, but Noah figured it couldn't hurt to be prepared.
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