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"Ah, thanks...?"

GLD dropped her. Really, she just let go of Fiyori, causing the taller girl to just fall on the floor with a thud. She did not notice any pain, or any shock from the impact. But it did wake her up a little more. Still, jeez. There was no need to be so rude. GLD could've dropped her more gentle, but Fiyori guessed it was fine one way or the other.

She looked up. And no, she knew it was not fine.

GLD talked about something. She talked a lot, actually. And it weirded Fiyori out even further. Georgia Lee Day, for all Fiyori knew about her, was not the person to talk much and definitely not the person to talk much to Fiyori. And if she bothered to open her cunt mouth it was just a bunch of belittlement. She'd have snarled at that point, but her lips felt limb. Hearing GLD talking so much and talking about seeking shelter. No, seeking shelter and offering Fiyori a hand and the chance to accompany her. It just did not make sense.

And yet, she looked up to GLD. And maybe it was just because of some whim, but she accepted. Fiyori laid her hand unto GLD's, and with the woman's help she raised herself to her feet.

"Right. Just let me put on my glasses first."

Fiyori looked to the left and to the right and for the first time she registered her surroundings. The sky was overcast, it was fairly cold. They were on some kind of bridge because Fiyori could see the dirty and dark blue of the sea emerging from the side and she could hear the water flowing beneath them, forming waves crashing against something somewhere else. To her side, she spotted a bag. White letters on it's side, and as Fiyori slowly approached them she saw that they read "G010".

Fiyori threw a questioning glance towards GLD, but then went on to open the bag. She discovered bottles of water and something she presumed to be food bars. There were papers, too. A leaflet maybe, or a magazine. She ignored it, and went on searching through the bag. And yet, she did not find her glasses.

She looked again. She saw food. She saw water. She saw a shovel this time too, but not a hint of her glasses. Fiyori breathed sharply. She looked again. And again. And again and again. Georgia Lee was still present, waited for her, despite the time it took for Fiyori to sift through her new belongings, the time it took to pull the individual items out, inspect them and store them again.

No, she searched through her bag. She did so thoroughly. And she was sure now. Her glasses weren't in her bag, so they likely laid somewhere on the ground. She scanned the ground for a light blue accent among all the grey and green and brown but she didn't find anything of the sort.


Fiyori looked over to Georgia Lee Day.

"My glasses are missing. You have the working eyes, so if you have seen them..."
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