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As quickly as it had appeared, the red mist that had clouded Mia’s mind was beginning to fade away. Well, part of it at least. She still felt like a bull in front of a china shop that exclusively dealt in red, but that was still an upgrade from feeling like an erupting volcano. It was enough for her to realise that she’d just burst out yelling from a room in front of an unarmed, innocent, frightened looking girl.

An “oops” or a “sorry” probably wouldn’t cut the mustard at this point.

Mia placed her hand on her head, running her fingers through her hair. She was actually beginning to recognise the girl in front of her, even before she identified herself. Candice and Mia didn’t run in the same social circles at all, but they both happened to be cheerful, friendly girls, so Mia had seen her around and about once or twice.

“Candice, Candice, of course. I knew that…” she muttered, more to herself than to the other girl.

Mia gave a disgruntled sigh, shaking her head and looking down at the ground. Her muscles relaxed a little, her shoulders visibly sagging. After a few moments, she looked back up again, giving Candice a small, grim smile.

“Christ, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to spook you.” Mia could still feel blood trickling out of her nose. She wiped it away, stemming the flow momentarily and leaving a dull red streak smeared across the back of her hand.

“This isn’t exactly how I planned my morning to go, y’know? I expected to be napping on the bus, not dumped in some rundown hole with explosives round my neck. Smashed my nose against something as well, and I’m still trying to just… process this… this…”

Mia sniffed and sighed once again, before anger flashed in her eyes.

“This fucking bullshit!”

That brief moment of anger clouded Mia’s thoughts again, and she unconsciously tried to clench both of her fists. This include the one still holding the gun, pointing down at the floor. A spray of bullets burst from the barrel, ripping through carpet and splintering wood. Mia shrieked out in alarm, and leapt backwards, staring with wide eyes at the smoking holes in the floor.

“Sorry, sorry, fuck! It was an accident!”


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They say the hangover after you get drugged and kidnapped by terrorists is the worst · The Staff Dormitories B Block