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The girl just hung in Georgia Lee's arms, limp and useless. Georgia Lee fought the edge to shake her again, to shake her over and over, letting the brain bounce around in the girl's head until some useful thought or helpful comment emerged.

Was Fiyori simply scrambled? The girl had toothpicks for limbs for goodness' sake, and she weighed next to nothing; perhaps she'd overdosed on whatever it was they'd all been given and her mantis mind had just... short circuited, somehow? Georgia Lee didn't think it likely, though, not given the poisons Fiyori pumped into her body by choice, on a regular basis. Georgia Lee wasn't a doctor, but she thought that if anything a junkie should be the most resistant to this stuff. The other option of course, was that Fiyori had for some reason just decided to be willfully obstinate., and Georgia Lee would by no means put that past her.

The girl's clammy fingers brushed Georgia Lee's face, then grasped at her hand. Georgia Lee recoiled and shook her off, disgusted. She let go of Fiyori, who dropped back onto the dirt-strewn concrete of the bridge with a soft thump.

Whether the girl was being useless on purpose or not was moot, in the end. The thought of being alone in this awful place terrified Georgia Lee, scared her so much that even Fiyori's company was preferable to just being out here by herself. If Fiyori wouldn't help though, if Fiyori wouldn't stand up and leave here with her, then Fiyori was simply a dead weight, and Georgia Lee wasn't going to be dragged down with her. She'd tried, she really had, and nobody would think less of her if she gave up now.

"Fiyori. Listen to me." Georgia Lee managed, somehow, to keep her voice steady and even.

"I am standing up and I am leaving. I am going, right now. I am going to go find someplace safe, where people can't see me, and then I'm going to... I'm going to figure out what I'll do next. You can come with, or you can stay here and die. I can't stay here any longer, Fiyori. We're way out where anyone could find us, and there are people here who want to kill us, and we can't stay here or they will."

She paused, a little breathless, and then rose to her feet, holding a hand out to Fiyori.

"Are you coming with me?"

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