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Jeremy frowned, slightly.

“You’re not doing that great of a job at convincing me, here.”

That was directed at both of them, because really, they weren’t doing that great of a job at trying to get him to believe that this wasn’t real. Irene was just making statements with no evidence or reason behind them, which if he remembered correctly from his brief stint of debating in 7th grade wasn’t really a good way at convincing people that your statement was fact. Danny still held onto the belief that it was Bradley, and gave something uncharacteristic of him as reason to believe that this was all an elaborate joke on Bradley’s part. Bradley worked alone, and his humour tended to lie with riling people up and making them angry enough to do things that he found enjoyable. Kinda like what Jeremy did, sometimes, but he was much more mild about it. Ask Irene, she knew all about it.

“Because really, as much as I’d like to hope and believe that I’m not going to die horribly within the next few days, neither of you have succeeded in making me believe that the opposite is true.”

Wait, whoops, he forgot tact there. Whatever, he just kinda needed to get that out.

“Sorry about that, but it’s true. This is totally impossible for Bradley to do on his own and it’s uncharacteristic for him to have accomplices. And I have no real evidence pointing to the contrary that these…” He tapped the gun in his pocket. “Aren’t real.”

“Like, I don’t want to come off as tactless or tacky here but…”

Okay, he wasn’t really sure of how to finish that sentence but oh well, he got the point out. Maybe he could think of happier things. Or at the very least better things. Like… he didn’t know. A pretty good idea came out of Danny’s mouth, so maybe he’d focus on that. Maybe it’d help his case a little.

“I can test what you’re saying out, if you like. I don’t think I’m going to end up using this much. Also, um…” He looked around. Danny had asked another question so he figured that he could answer it as well.

“We seem to be on some sort of beach. There’s probably a way off of this, I’m guessing.”
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