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“Talking shit about people might not have made you my favourite person ever, but… well, it's a lesser evil compared to the assholes who run the game any day. So water under the bridge, yeah?”

She kind of wrinkled her nose at the word 'surviving.' Because, yes, obviously surviving was good. But in this context, surviving could mean… well, being the sort of person that puts themselves first, who'd do whatever it took to survive even if that meant hurting someone else. Or dozens of other people. Clarice didn't want to do that. Didn't want to be that kind of person.

While Conrad spoke, Clarice started fiddling around with her bag so she could pull the map out. Once she had the map out she sat down, examining it closely.

Not a big island. In theory, shouldn't be hard to find Scout or anyone else she needed to. Of course, if Scout was on the move or found a good hiding spot it might be different.

“Yeah, ideas are hard. I think gathering everyone who won't fight in one group is the way to go, but that'll take time and whenever we talk to anyone it'll be a risk. Not everyone's gonna stay sane about this.”

Clarice glanced up at the two. Now they were three, and that meant any one attacker would have that to consider when considering an attack at all. Could make them reconsider without ever resorting to a fight, just like having a scary weapon could. And unlike a scary weapon, there could no temptation to steal a person.

“But I think grouping up is the right move. It'll dissuade any attackers, and anyone playing the game will have a harder time finding allies,” Clarice said, looking back down at the map. “You can stay with us if you want.”
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