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Lily saw a glimpse of the other person as she peeked out for that slight moment. That mixed with the name helped her remember. She'd seen Coleen around the library quite a lot. She was fairly sure she had seen her on stage at some point, too, though that felt like it'd been longer ago.

“Yeah, I'm a junior. You might… you might know a few of my cousins? I'm a Luz, so… just different family name.” ...She hadn't remembered her cousins were here until now. Should she look for them? Which ones were here?

Coleen had been about to say something else when someone screamed. Lily's immediate reaction had been to drop to the floor, sending up another small puff of dust, before scrambling away from the direction it'd come from.

“I… I don't know, I—ow!”

Lily had clutched the piece of mirror to her chest, but her grip had instinctively tightened on it and the sharp edges had sliced her hand open. She dropped the mirror shard and held the now bloody hand close to her, her eyes on the door closer to where the screaming had come from.

The gash in her hand was the least of her problems. That screaming could mean a lot of things, and none of them were good.
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