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Alice ceased whimpering as she heard muffled speech on the other side of the door. It sounded like one of them, probably Johnny by the voice, was reassuring her, telling her that he wasn't going to hurt her. He sounded like he was unsure of himself, but whether it was from the weakness of the threat or the weakness of a lie told in vain, Alice didn't know.

She had some time. The door was shut, and seemed solid enough. If they had firearms, it'd be challenging to hit her through it. Alice weighed her options. She'd just spent a whole bunch of time contemplating the inevitable. She wanted to avoid death, and people here would bring death. So naturally she encountered people right away.

Still...she did want to believe they weren't murderous, at least not yet. The situation was only just beginning, so many would be in denial. The killing would be soon, but not yet. The real horror was coming, but it wasn't here just this moment.

So for now, if not necessarily forming allies, she could at least interact a little. At best, they'd leave her alone. At worst...she'd try not to think of that. Still, since she had the external ground, she was a bit safer if she eased the door open.

She did so. "I'm opening the door a bit. I was going to hide in here so, uhm, if you guys were going that'd be good. I'm not, uh, not a threat." Alice said, trying and failing to use a non-terrified tone. She cracked the door open and peered inside, making sure they weren't aiming weapons at her.
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