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Cameron nodded, as much to herself as to Mel's question. "Yeah out of the room." There was no point leaving the cabin, as far as they knew it was completely safe. If anyone else was with them inside they had kept quiet or hadn't heard them. Cameron wasn't sure of the likelihood of either of those scenarios but they were something she would have to keep in mind. Everything was different now, she had to chance her primary concerns. Reassess how she thought about things.

Following Mel out of the room, Cameron scanned the extent of the cabin. It was big that was for sure, in any other context she would have loved to stay. The open plan of it allowed easy views of everything, although the tiger skin rug was a tacky touch. Mel wanted to look through her bag. Cameron was almost surprised that she hadn't already done so, but it wasn't her business what the other girl had been doing while she had been heaving up her guts.

She lent forwards onto the wooden railing of the second floor, resting her forearms on it.

"Go for it."

The cabin itself seemed to be in good condition. So far the worst thing she had experienced had been the bed, her own vomit and the idea of being alone.

"So, what do you reckon...we stick together and then..." It dawned on Cameron that she hadn't given any thought to what she was going to do. Instead her question drifted out of her mouth and off into the ether, leaving an uneasy silence in it's wake.

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