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It was kinda fucked up, Johnny thought, how happy he was to see Raina.

They were trapped in a nightmare, and of course he didn't want her trapped in here too, of course he didn't. Still, the joy that washed over him at the sight of her face refreshed him a million times more than that shitty water had. It was selfish, it was stupid and it was awful to think, but if he was going to die here, he was happy to be doing it with a friend.

Christ, what a thing to be thinking.

The shock of seeing her passed, and Johnny focused on Raina more intently. She was shivering, her voice unsteady, and it looked like she was on the verge of tears. It was a horrible thing to look at, and Johnny dug his nails into his palms, hating himself for his self-centredness, for the glee that he'd felt at seeing a friendly face. Raina shouldn't have to die here too.

Johnny wouldn't've called them friends exactly, but as far as he knew she was one of maybe two people who actually gave a shit about them, and to someone who'd never experienced that, it was something pretty special. Raina was smart, she was pretty, she knew everything there was to know about space and she looked at Johnny like he wasn't completely fucking worthless. She made him feel... he didn't know. Something. Whatever. This wasn't the time to analyse it.

Unthinking, he stepped forward and hugged her, holding her head against his shoulder. She was soaked through.

"It's uhh... gonna be okay?"

Even to his ears the words sounded hollow and shitty, and he regretted them as soon as they came out of his mouth. Of course it wouldn't be okay, and of course she knew that. She wasn't some idiot child who could be fooled with a soothing tone, and frankly Johnny's voice didn't sound all that much less terrified than hers had.

He felt her start, suddenly, and pull away from him, and he whirled around to look where she was now staring. The door had slammed closed behind them, though he hadn't seen who had done it.

Was this it? Were they trapped? He could feel a sucking dread rising in his stomach, and he took a deep, unsteady breath to calm his nerves. What he really wanted right now was a cigarette, and he patted at his pocket in an instant and embarrassing terror at the thought that they might be gone. They were still there, thank Christ, and a full pack too.

Emboldened by this smallest of miracles, he took a step towards the door.

"H-hey, whoever's out there... open up, yeah? We don't wanna hurt you... umm, unless you wanna hurt us? In which case we'll, fuck you up?"

The door looked thick and solid. Johnny hoped it had muffled just how incredibly lame he had sounded.

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